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Traditonal Services

Desktop Laptop, Tablet & Smart Phone Support

At Jtechdata we support all makes and models of desktop computers running modern versions of Windows and Apple operating systems.  We also help integrate Windows,   Apple and Android based tablets and smart phones into your computing environment and specialize in devising  synchronization solutions to better “real in” all your data across multiple platforms and form factors.

In Today’s world with tablet computers and Smart phones dominating the “gadget” playing field we can help you “make sense” of it all and devise the appropriate solution and mix of devices to best leverage technology to work for you.  Listed below are the common services we offer to better organize your technological life.

  • Tablet smartphone recommendations and analysis to best integrate the proper  device and device platform into your existing computing environment.
  • Synchronizing mobile and handheld devices to your office environment to access your data and software applications from multiple locations.
  • Consolidating, backing up and securing the data on both your desktop computers and on your mobile tablets smartphones and servers.

Systems and Server Support

Businesses, both new and established, require a functional computer environment in order to remain competitive. Computer systems, from Desktops to Laptops to Servers, all need careful setup, planning and maintenance. No environment is immune to the setbacks and productivity declines of poorly configured or maintained computer systems. Even if you only have one machine- time you spend fighting your computer is time you don’t spend addressing the needs of your clients.

Jtechdata is equipped to deploy a wide array of system solutions including

Central Data Storage

  • System Lock downs-  To prevent users from editing/changing their computer environment or introducing unnecessary programs
  • Server/Desktop Configurations for both Windows and Mac
  • User Account Creation and Planning
  • Desktop and Server Performance Tuning

Technology support and planning is not “a necessary evil”- it’s a necessary asset. The resources saved include more than just your time and the time of your employees/coworkers, but also the hidden costs associated with purchasing the wrong equipment for the wrong reasons, the cost of recreating lost documents and the cost of repurchasing digital content and the services that produced that content.

Have Hardware Needs Too?

A significant portion of business IT expenses stem from hardware purchases and associated maintenance. But how do you choose between servers, brands, desktops?

Jtechdata can help you narrow down your hardware requirements to what you need and not what a hardware vendor needs to sell you.

Data Backup and Archiving

If your business is like most businesses, your data is the third most important asset you have, behind your employees and customers. You would never consider putting your employees or customers at risk, yet many businesses have no data backup plan.  All of your data is valuable. It took time to create those Excel files, you spent money on those images, those contracts are vital to your organization.

Consider these questions:

In the event of a disaster, what will you do?

  • How much data loss can you sustain before your business collapses?
  • How long are you and your customers willing to wait while your data is recovered?

These questions are not intended to scare you. They are very real and relevant and no business should continue without considering these questions.

Jtechdata offers world class data backup service at an astounding discount over many other backup solutions by working with the latest off-site backup vendors. No hardware to buy, no tapes to swap, no CD’s that get lost or scratched.

Your data is safe- stored in an encrypted format on a remote server. Highly protected, highly redundant and highly available, we even offer the ability to keep two copies of you data- one locally and one in a secure data center.

Networks and Network Security

Sharing data on a computer network is a key part of an efficient business. Shared resources require less computer investment and speed up information flow.  Jtechdata can help your business share faxes, scanners, and files all over a traditional wired or wireless network.

We specialize in:

Client-Server setups to share files across office networks

  • Server less File-sharing
  • Shared Printers, Scanners, Etc.
  • Central Backup Solutions