Cloud Services

Jtechdata cloud consulting and implementation services offer solutions for your business that are secure, easier to use and many times more affordable for small businesses that hosting these services at your own premise.

What is the Cloud?

The “Cloud” is a buzz word that has taken over the computer and technology world throughout the last few years.  The term generally has a very broad meaning but in most cases relates to any technology you or your business uses outside your premise.

Off-site Cloud Backup

Jtechdata can help choose the proper off-site cloud backup solution that best suits your business and security needs to protect your most valuable asset, your data.

Cloud Email Solutions

Cloud Hosted Email Solutions: All of the benefits, none of the headaches.

Cloud based Applications and File Servers.

For some organizations hosting local files and applications is more of a hindrance than a help.
Jtechdata can discuss both the pros and cons of hosting your particular files and applications locally or in the cloud. There is no right or wrong answer… Each businesses needs to be discussed and analyzed thoroughly

Why move to the cloud?

Cost!!!!!  Cloud based email and productivity applications can offer predictable monthly costs based on usage, much more affordable upfront costs versus traditional on-premise solutions, and help minimize ongoing operation expenses.

Implementation time

Cloud based solutions can be deployed in a matter of days compared to weeks or months for most on-premise solutions with little or no on-site hardware and software.


Jtechdata consultants can quickly setup up your cloud backup email systems file servers and hosted applications.

With its ease of use, low cost, and sociability; cloud based solutions are often a great solution for small business while still offering the benefits of traditional, onsite solutions.

Built-in protection. Cloud based solutions generally have built in backup and recovery options and are built using sound proven technologies with fault tolerance and redundancy built into the services.